Heading Into The Next

leadership transition Sep 28, 2021

- By Jana Al Hammouri

No one really knows what they’re doing or what’s happening. What we’ve experienced is nowhere near the “business as usual” model, in fact, it’s the farthest thing from it. However, we’ve learned to adapt during this period of confusion, hardships, ups and downs, and overall frustration. 

The basis of the future of successful leaders focuses on their ability to adapt.

Not just to a new setting, but a new culture and environment as well. Rather than using the pandemic as a metaphor for disruption, use it as an analogy for adaptation.

Use the time to build a plan, develop a mindset and implement practical and efficient strategies for you and your organization. 

By forming a familiar and effective mindset based on teamwork and leadership initiatives, you and your teams’ ability to adapt and adjust to the transition of the following new and improved “standard” will allow for easier change and adaptation in other situations and environments.

Your experience as a leader now determines how you move forward. 

When heading into a new situation and new environment, it’s important to remember your standing and value to your organization. Especially after an emergency or unexpected dilemmas, instead of positioning yourself as a new leader walking blindly into the field, reevaluate your position, team, expertise, and experience. You have the knowledge, skill and ability; use it wisely to move forward. 


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