Leadership Transition

External hires, succession promotions, retirements, and unexpected leadership changes challenge the organization and its people. Maximize the positive impact of this important time.


Board's role in transition

Your board has important responsibilities during your upcoming CEO transition.

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Customize your transition plan

Let's work side by side to plan, implement, and oversee your organization's leadership transition.

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Leadership transition coaching

Accelerate your leadership transition with confidential one-to-one sessions.

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Learn together

Educate your board or executive team about leadership transitions with an engaging workshop or keynote presentation.

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Getting started

Take STOCK of critical aspects for your organization's leadership transition.

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Join us for new courses 

Are you an interim leader or a leader who will retire in the next year?  Our new programs are designed for a busy executive like you.

  • Lead strong in your final year
  • Interim leader success for boards and CEOs
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Why plan for leadership transitions?

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