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We love to share leadership and governance ideas with others. Jane is a willing guest on TV, radio, and podcasts.

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The Storyteller's Guide to Leadership Transitions

Jane shares stories of helping boards with leadership transition and her personal experiences at the board table.

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Let's Stop the Leadership Crisis 

In this webinar with Jennifer Griggs and Phyllis Quinlan, Jane and her fellow presenters shared fresh perspectives on leading from who you really are, creating dignity in action, and joining with others to make a difference.

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What you need to know about effective leadership transitions

In this podcast with Heather Barnhouse of Dentons, Jane delves into the critical and overlooked aspects of leadership transitions in organizations.

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Demystifying Brand 

In this podcast with Lynette Tremblay and Sheri Doyle, Jane introduces a tool called the Johari Window Exercise for developing your personal brand. 

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Leadership Transition in Small & Medium Business 

Regardless of the size or industry of your organization, leadership transition is a strategic opportunity. With practical steps, you can accelerate impact of your new leader.

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Take the Mystery Out of Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance 

There's risk in being a board member. As the world continues to get faster and more complex, has your directors and officers liability insurance kept pace?

  • What does D & O insurance cover? What doesn't it?
  • What are common gaps in D & O coverage that directors should be aware of?
  • What questions should you ask about your policy?

Leadership Transition Overview 

In this radio interview with Jim Masters, Jane provides insights on the challenges and solutions when organizations are moving from the current individual to their successor.

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Finding Purpose in Retirement 

After decades of challenges and success in your career, what lies ahead for you? That thought usually comes with fear and anxiety. Will golf, travel and/or grandchildren be enough to fulfill you?

Learn a practical approach to helping you discover what will be meaningful in your post-career phase of life. It's never too soon to start building the future you have worked so hard for.

Six Secrets to Prepare for Retirement: It's Not Just About the Money

Watch the full recording of our webinar to learn more about the six secrets. Transitioning into retirement will be much more empowering when you do it with intention and lead strong during the final months of your career.


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