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Short Courses For Busy People

If you have time to watch or listen to short videos while you commute, walk, or work out, our courses are for you. Each course has short, practical videos to support your leadership or governance transition.

Board's Role in Leadership Transition

Practical resources to help your board understand its responsibilities during this leadership transition. The course delivers videos explaining the what, why, and how to successfully transition your CEO including:

  • the board's responsibilities
  • getting organized
  • governing for success
  • building a relationship with your new CEO
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8 Wastes in the Boardroom

Do your board or team meetings waste time, money, and/or effort? By reducing meeting waste, you can create more impact with the same effort. Join us in this program to learn how to see and solve your meeting waste.

The 8 wastes every board is guilty of are:

  • Talent
  • Overprocessing
  • Motion
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Defect
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
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Leadership Transition During Global Crisis

The world became more complex during the pandemic and it hasn't slowed down. How do you support a leadership transition when so much is uncertain and changing?

The program includes videos addressing:

  • leveraging existing knowledge during this important time
  • transitioning through virtual or hybrid environments
  • incorporating critical world issues during the transition
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CEO Transition Resource Kit

As a board member, it's never too early to prepare for the transition of your CEO, President, or Executive Director. We have compiled practical videos, articles, and tools to help you get started.

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