Coaching and Facilitation

We’ve Got Your Back

Whether you need a confidential space to discuss your current challenges and next steps or someone to help your group plan or discuss a topic, we’ve got your back.

In Jane’s words, "We look at the CEO as if they're an avatar or a role. We actually don't look behind that and say, ‘how is this human showing up to lead?'"

It has been wonderful working with you and we are pleased with the progress our organization has made as a result of working with Halford Consulting.

Invaluable, Fantastic job facilitating Jane!

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Let's Maximize Your Meeting

What important discussion, brainstorming or problem-solving discussion does your group need to have? Having an objective, outside facilitator creates engagement from everyone and accelerates progress.

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When Privacy Matters

Are you feeling the pressure of your role and you have nobody that you feel confident talking to? Coaching provides a trusted space to clarify your challenges, identify potential solutions, and strive towards solutions.

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Let's Stay In Touch

Hear about the latest leadership and governance transition trends, tools and courses, and what we are up to next!

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