Leadership Transition During Global Crisis

Here's a preview...Why is leadership transition success critical in the middle of a global crisis?

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Leadership Transition During Global Crisis

Is your organization welcoming a new CEO or leader during this time of global pandemic, economic uncertainty and social unrest?  With a 40% failure rate of new leaders in "normal" times, it will take focused effort to do it successfully this year.  Let us show you how - efficiently and effectively!

During this program we'll cover efficient and effective approaches to successfully plan, implement, and monitor your organization's leadership transition.

Specifically the program includes:

  • 6 concise videos made for busy people like you addressing:
    • leveraging existing knowledge during this important time
    • transitioning through virtual or physically restricted environments
    • incorporating critical world issues during the transition (e.g., pandemic safety, BLM)
  • Practical, downloadable leadership transition tools for you and your organization to use in this transition and in the future

Available for on-the-go viewing and access to downloads on the Kajabi app.

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