Leadership Transition Resources

Leadership transitions are complex.  Here are some videos to highlight what your board and CEO may experience along the journey.

What Can Boards do Better?

Board members can create a more successful leadership transition by changing their approach.  Here are some quick ideas.


One Action a Board Could do Better

Best Book Recommendation

Your CEO Needs This

The Challenges in Leadership Transitions

Boards and CEOs need to understand the top challenge in a leadership transition.  You can plan ahead and overcome it.


Top Challenge

What May You Anticipate?

Addressing Governance Challenges

Your Board is Mission Control

During a CEO transition, your board is the organization's mission control for a successful handover between its leaders.


Leadership Transition Overview

Ever wonder why some transitions work well and some don't? The staggering failure rate of CEO's is not a hiring issue, it's a systems failure. Together we can change that. 

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