Struggling To Make Your Governance Work For You?

Leverage your existing governance policies and practices to improve your board's performance.

Did you know that most organization's have inconsistent and/or outdated governance policies?

Learn how to keep what is working well for your board and update the policies and procedures you need to stay high performing.

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You Can Create an Efficient and Effective Governance Framework

Learn the about governance best practies to:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of the board and its committees
  • Incorporate critical policies such as risk, strategy, and oversight
  • Easily review and annually update governance policies 
  • Tap into the skills, talents, and experiences of each board member
  • Rebalance your board meetings to focus on what matters most

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In this governance training program, we'll show you how.

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In The Next 12 Months, You Could…

  • Have a revised, comprehensive governance framework
  • Ensure board members understand the new governance approach
  • Have more effective board and committee meetings

The right governance policies and procedures can make all the difference. 

What's Included In The Training...

The training program can be completed virtually. If you prefer some in person sessions, let's discuss how to make that possible.


Governance Overview

The first session of the training focuses on understanding modern governance best practices. It ensures that participants have a shared understanding of the underlying principles of the organization’s new governance approach.

It is also critical for participants to review and discuss in detail the existing governance documents to understand how to align them with  governance best practices.

The second session also includes participants’ identification of the gaps in the organization’s current governance framework.


  • Governance User Manual for the board’s review. This is a high-level document that outlines the proposed organization approach to governance.
  • Summary description for the board on how the proposed governance approach is similar and different from the existing approach.

Training Hours (minimum of 6 hours per participant):

  • 2, 2-hour sessions
  • 2, 1-hour coaching calls with each participant

Governance Framework Development

Leveraging the information reviewed in part 1 and relevant sample governance policies and frameworks, a recommended governance framework will be developed for review by the board.

This section of the training will include training sessions and hands-on development of the governance and organization policies and the committee terms of reference to best fit the organization.  The delivery of the training will be formal sessions and coaching calls to assist participants in their governance development

A critical component of this section of the training will be the participants’ preparation to present the Governance and Organization Policy Handbook to the board for approval.


  • Governance and Organization Policy Handbook for board for review and then approval of the governance and organization policies and committee terms of reference.
  •  Preparation for presentations to the Governance Committee and the board during the project and for final approval

Training hours (minimum of 12 hours per participant):

  • 4, 2-hour sessions
  • 4, 1-hour coaching calls with each participant

Governance Tools and Templates 

To ensure the organization has a smooth implementation of the newly approved governance framework, templates and tools can be developed. This section of the training provides participants with an understanding of the reason for each template and its alignment with the new governance framework.


  • Board and committee annual work plans – These align the work with the committee terms of reference to the meeting schedule for the year ahead
  • Board and committee meeting agendas including sample motions for regularly scheduled business
  • Committee annual assessments to ensure all responsibilities in the terms of reference were completed

Training Hours (minimum of 8 hours per participant):

  • 3, 2-hour sessions
  • 2, 1-hour coaching calls with each participant