Finding Purpose in Retirement

Are you retiring in 2022 or 2023? 

After decades of challenges and success in your career, what lies ahead for you? That thought usually comes with fear and anxiety. Will golf, travel and/or grandchildren be enough to fulfill you?

Mike Middleton has a practical approach to helping you discover what will be meaningful in your post-career phase of life. It's never too soon to start building the future you have worked so hard for.

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Mike Middleton

Michael Middleton is an author, coach and speaker and the founder and director of Bliss - Creating Purpose.

After decades of working with successful business people related to their personal finances, Mike realized that one thing busy people don't do during their career is plan for what impact they will make in the world after their careers wrap up.

He developed the Bliss app to help people retire happier, healthier & wealthier with the Bliss - Creating Purpose app, a lifestyle planning tool that helps you become motivated about your future.

Come and discover your  needs and aspirations for life after work. 

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Jane Halford

Jane works with CEOs, Executives, Owners, and boards as they prepare to transition their leader. Many time those exiting leaders are choosing their own retirement.

Although Jane works with the outgoing leader to leave behind their knowledge and insights, she has learned that most retiring leaders have planned their financial retirement but not what will give them joy and purpose.

Combining your organization's readiness at the same time as your personal after-work plan will benefit everyone.

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